1.1 What is this?

In previous years, I used to provide these notes as supplementary material for the textbook. Now, I think that there is enough detail here that it can be used as a main reference for the course. And, for example, there are several topics that we will cover in class in substantially more detail than in the textbook.

The material provided here can also be useful as a quasi-study guide. In particular, the notes cover pretty much exactly what we will be able to cover in a one semester course. In some ways, covering less material relative to the textbook can (in my view) make things easier for students. The notes also provide cross-references to the corresponding section in the textbook. For some topics here, I provide substantially less detail than the book; this may help you when it comes to studying as it may give you a sense of the material I see as being most important. In addition, there are additional practice questions (some with answers) provided at the end of each section.