1.1 What is this?

Short answer: Iā€™m not exactly sure, but you can think of this material as being similar to:

  • Supplementary Notes ā€” there are several topics that we will cover in class in substantially more detail than in the textbook. A big chunk of the material provided here can be seen as additional reference material for topics not covered in depth in the textbook.

  • Quasi-Study Guide ā€” Another main chunk of the material provided here is a course outline (should be close to the order that we cover in class) along with cross-references to the corresponding section in the textbook. For some topics here, I provide substantially less detail than the book; this may help you when it comes to studying as it may give you a sense of the material I see as being most important. In addition, there are additional practice questions (some with answers) provided at the end of each section.