Material covered in class

Note: My lecture notes follow very closely from Bruce Hansen’s book. His book is excellent and much better than I could write. I provide these here for your convenience, mainly so you can have a copy of the notes that I use to teach from and so you have a reminder of the material that we cover in class (which is mostly subset of the material covered in the book).

Additional material

Preliminary Reading

As you have time over the first couple of weeks of the semester, you should read Chapter 1 of the textbook as well as Appendix A and B.

Please pay particular attention to the following sections:

A.1, A.3-A.6, A.10-A.11, A.20

If you would like an additional reference on matrix algebra, please see the notes from ECON 8070

The material that we will cover in this topic mainly comes from chapters 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 of the textbook.

Additional comments