Midterm 1 date changed to September 27


HW 1, due Thursday, Sep. 1, [[solutions]], [[Rmd file]]

HW 2, due Thursday, Sep. 15, [[solutions]], [[Rmd file]]

Additional Practice Questions for Midterm 1, [[partial solutions]] These do not need to be turned in

Course Material

We will cover the following topics:

(Note: Some of the material will be updated/expanded as we move through the semester. Some of the topics at the end of the semester are tentative.)

  1. Introduction to R

  2. Probability Theory

    • Introduction
    • Random Variables
    • Parametric Distributions
    • Multivariate Distributions
  3. Statistics

    • Sampling
    • Law of Large Numbers
    • Central Limit Theorem
    • Method of Moments Estimation
    • Inference
  4. [Linear Regression]