Midterm 1 date changed to September 27


HW 1, due Tuesday, Sept. 6, [[solutions]], [[Rmd file]]

HW 2, due Thursday, Sept. 22, [[solutions]], [[Rmd file]]

HW 3, due Tuesday, Oct. 18, [[solutions]]

HW 4, due Tuesday, Nov. 8, [[solutions]]

HW 5, due Thursday, Dec. 1, [[solutions]]


Project 1, due Tuesday, Nov. 22, [[My version of the project]]

Project 2, This project is optional. If you turn it in, it must be submitted by 11:59pm on Tuesday, Dec. 6 (see details below).

Additional Course Materials

Additional Materials for Midterm 1

Additional Materials for Midterm 2

Additional Materials for Final Exam


This list only includes data that needs to be downloaded from the course website. Other data is listed in the Course Notes along with steps to access the data and a link to a description of the data.

Code Challenges